Doing What is Right

Our world is filled with people who have moments of greatness in their lives, but when it gets right down to it, there are very few truly great people in the world. In my opinion, Plato, Gandhi and Mother Teresa come to mind, and certainly Martin Luther King, Jr. must be added to that short […]

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How Sharp is your Ax?

There was once a strong young man who was offered a job as a woodcutter.  He set about his task with energy; the first week, he turned 18 trees into firewood.  The second week, he worked just as hard, but was surprised to find he had chopped only 11 trees.  The third week, despite working […]

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Thought For The Day

Take a few minutes each day to sit and listen to your spouse, child, friend, a co-worker or a poor person. Be attentive as they narrate an event of their day, a problem, a concern or a joy. Listen without interjecting comments, advice, or judgment. Focus entirely on the other person.  

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Mickey Mouse Leadershp

Everyone knows I’m a huge believer the in Disney Managment Style and recognize that they are the benchmank for quality service. Think about this… What are the keys of Mickey Mouse Leadership? Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928 in the animated short, Steamboat Willie. Walt sketched out what he wanted in the character, and […]

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